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Creat is the new Create ...sigh

For the past couple of days, I have been manually correcting spellings in a data set for an experiment. The data is a collection of about 5-6 subjective/essay type questions answered by about 60 students.

Almost every occurrence of "create" has been spelled as "creat". Other examples include "veribls" instead of "variables", "ptrs" for "pointers". Rarely did I come across a properly spelled "you" which was invariably written as "u". Similarly "thru" is the new "through" and "consectve" is consecutive! Can you guess what is "addly" ? Its "additionally"!!

I wonder if this is a side effect of frequent use of short text messages (SMSing) and services like Twitter on our students, which make people compromise on orthography for the sake of length of message. Whereas our generation might still be able to sensibly decide when to use formal English and "whr v cn do wth sch stff", I am afraid the next generation of students doesn't seem to be capable of this distinction.

In another answer, a student wonderfully tried to describe "encapsulation" by giving an example "If I becomes ill then i takes tablet and i becomes OK but i dont kno how this can internally work in my body".

I don't know how far can we ignore the felonies committed in orthography and grammar on the pretext of appreciating the effort or the understanding. May be its time to take a stand that understanding is not enough! Proper expression is essential. Or is it time to change the rules of orthography itself? After all everything has a shelf life. But the important detail here that we seem to be missing out is the resultant chaos in the absence of any standards for writing. If "dis" is korect so iz "dat" den or thn mk no diff ither!

Badly require that grammar and spelling checker I believe. As a side note, I think this corpus will be a good data set to capture the typical grammatical mistakes made by users!


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Dec. 13th, 2009 02:58 pm (UTC)
Everything might have a shelf life, but, in this case, is not the very purpose of language being killed ? Seamless communication among people from across the world is possible, as long as 'some' orthography and grammar in general is respected. If this current wave can rewrite the basics and come up with a new standard, then, probably, the next generation need not worry about distinction, as there will be only one :-)
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